Collaboration & Marketing

WealthCounsel provides the tools you need to consistently and effectively grow your practice. Through The Advisors Forum, you will join a collaborative network of accountants, CPAs, financial planners, insurance professionals, attorneys, and professional fiducia­ries committed to working together more productively while learning how to serve clients more effectively.
WealthCounsel’s web and content marketing tools are part of a well-rounded system to help you consistently generate new client business with other wealth planning professionals. We equip you to provide consistent value to other professionals, foster effective referral relationships, grow your practice, serve clients more effectively, and enhance the bottom line for your practice.
As a member, you can:
  • Tap into proven business development resources to grow your practice efficiently and profitably.
  • Discover how our powerful marketing tools, including study groups and webinars, help bridge the relationship gap between interdisciplinary professionals.
  • Leverage your website to build your professional brand and communicates the benefits of your skills to potential clients.
  • Generate more effective client referrals by demonstrating value and establishing trust with other professionals.
  • Establish top-of-mind awareness with prospective clients without adding more hours to your day.
Effortlessly market to other professionals who help grow your business by staying in front of them with The Advisors Forum tools, including personalized monthly newsletters, learn-together-to-earn-together monthly webinars, and Study Group curriculum.
WealthCounsel provides complete solutions for building a successful estate planning practice. Whether you are an attorney or a financial professional, membership in The Advisors Forum provides the competitive edge you need to drive results and build a stronger book of business.
Power-up your practice. Learn why WealthCounsel is the solution you’ve been seeking to redefine the way you do business. 
To preview how we can partner with you and contribute to your success, contact a Membership Consultant or call us at 888-659-4069, ext. 819.